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TotalDesign.lk | Graphic Designing Service in SriLanka
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TotalDesign.lk | Graphic Designing in SriLankaIf you do good work for good clients, it will lead to other good work for other good clients. If you do bad work for bad clients, it will lead to other bad work for other bad clients.TotalDesign.lk_Web Designing in Sri Lanka

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TotalDesign.lk | Graphic Designing in SriLanka

Graphic Designing Service

Logos | Advertisement | Business Cards | Invoice | Greeting Card | Leaflets | Social Media Designs | Pencil Sketchs & ......


TotalDesign.lk | Video Editing in SriLanka

Video Editing Service

Video Editing | Intro Video | Animated Logos | .gif Advertisements | Cartoon Videos | Funny Video Ads & ......


TotalDesign.lk | Web Designing in SriLanka | Website Designing in srilanka

Web Designing Service

Website Building | Web Devoloping | Graphics for Web | SEO | Social Media promotions & ......



TotalDesign.lk | T-Shirt Designing  and Printing in SriLanka

T-Shirt Designing Service

Designing and Printing T-Shits | School T-Shits | University T-Shits | Company T-Shits | Promotional T-Shits | Couple T-Shits & ......


TotalDesign.lk | Project & Designing in SriLanka

Projects & Presentation

PPT Presentations | School Projects | All Acadamic Projects and Writing | AutoCAD Projects and Plans| | HND/HNC assignments | Research Projects & ......

TotalDesign.lk | Wedding Album Designing in SriLanka

Wedding Album Designing

Wedding Albums | Memo Albums | Thankyou Cards | Birth Day Cards | Photo Books | Calendars | Graduation Photo Books & ......


graphic designing, web designing


Learn about MS Office | Photoshop | CoreDraw | Illustrater | PremierPro | Dreamweaver & ......

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Just dial our contact number at anytime and get the details that you want. Also you can contact us through WhatsApp | Viber | Imo or leave a message for our official facebook page..

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TotalDesign.lk will not reveal the details of our valued customers to any third parties and it's 100% guaranteed...

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CEO & Founder

Prabhath_Krishan-Founder of TotalDesign.lk

Prabhath Krishan

Our Mission

TotalDesign.lk have over 6 years of experiences in Grpahic Designing & Web Designing and all related fileds to them. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences with clients all over the World. We thrive on problem-solving and working with clients to seek out the best possible design solutions. We always provide our clients the best designs, that can help them to grow their businesses, a little faster, and to help them tackle there hairiest business problems, in the most professional, and clever way.

Our Vission

Be a best service provider in Sri Lanka mainly in Grpahic & Web industry. All services in one company, whatever we do, we do it completely and perfectly.

What is TotalDesign.lk

TotalDesign.lk is a website offers a high quality out put in services realted to both 'Graphic Designing' & 'Web Designing' ... services in Sri Lanka and all over the world.. [Grpahic Design| Web Design & Web Development | Video Editing | Wedding Photography | T-Shirt Designing | Facebook Marketing & Etc....]

We have a wide range of capacity in Graphic Design and Web Design industry

We are based in Sri Lanka. But we supply our Graphic design & Web Design Service to all over the world

Graphic Design

Graphic design Sri Lanka is a Sri Lankan graphic design company. Our services are Graphic design related services. We have our own way to design and develop your art work. Basically, we will help you to start your online business and increase business and profit. We offer fresh, innovative, affordable and personalized Graphic design for your business. Simply contact us anytime you need something altered on Graphic designing.

Web Design

TotalDesign.lk is a agency in web design and web developing in Sri Lanka. We have our own way to design and develop your web site in very creative and attractive. Basically, we will help you to start your online business and increase business and profit from zero level to top level in Sri Lanka and Worldwide. We offer trendy, attractive, professional and personalized web site design and development for your business.

Web Site Development

Congratulations. You are in the correct path in your way to successful. We are sole web service providers to over 100+ happy local and global clients. Our web design and development services are popular among small and medium business in Sri Lanka due to cost effective solutions. We have good packages for newly starting business both Graphic design & Web design (Website optimization, SEO and many services).

Video Editing

TotalDesign.lk also one of the best video editing company in Sri Lanka. We ensure maximum visibility of your idea through a creative video & give you a competitive edge it with latest techniques. You can draw targeted details for your video and we will edit the video | create the video as you hope. Don't think twice to choose us for Graphic design, Web Designing and Video editing. We can create a video with your photos also.

Graphic Design Sri Lanka

Graphic design sri lanka builds professional, creative designs for all types of businesses, individuals and small to medium sized businesses and any occasion you want. We are not doing just a graphic design. We promised you to express your idea through your Graphic Design.

Graphic Designing

Creativity takes courage. At Graphic designing Sri Lanka, We have Graphic Designing packages for newly starting businesses for a low budget. Including Logo Designing, Business Card Designing, Business Profile Management, Identity Card Designing, Company T-shirt Designing and many more

Logo Design

Logo is a identity of a business. So you need a logo designer who can do it with attractive and creative. We have design logos more than 300+ and we have top logo designers in sri lanka for a reasonable prices. Business card design, Company Profile Design, T-shirt Design also can be added for your choice.

Graphic Designer Sri Lanka

TotalDesign.lk have a team with top ranked Graphic Designer in Sri Lanka. They have huge experience in Graphic Design filed. They expert in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator & many related software. Our Graphic Designers give attention for every single projects...

Logo Designer Sri Lanka

A logo is the super visual representation of your service. If you have a professional logo you can promote your Business, Company, Website or Brand identity or whatever you want. For that you need to find a best logo designer and do the logo design with them for a best quality logo.

Graphic Design Colombo

Our Graphic design & Web design service are based on Colombo, Sri Lanka. But we supply our Graphic design and Web design service to all around the world through online. No need to travel to find a Graphic Designer or a Web Designer. Just make a call and explain about your art work.

Graphic Design Company Sri Lanka

We design every single project by hand, meticulously crafted for your own brand values. We work with you, step by step, to ensure a very personal process to a successful end. As a Graphic designing and web designing company we have gained a best carrier history through our customer base.

Banner Design | Poster Design

We do all services related to Graphic design. Logo Design, Banner Design, Poster Design, Brochure Design, Leaflet Design, Flyer Design, T-shirt Design, Magazine Design, Graphics for Web site designs, Business Card Design & etc. So Don't think twice to contact us for your Graphic Work.

Marketing Agency

First you need to explore your business type to your target audience. For that you need a best Marketing agency to bring your business to public. We doing best and attractive Graphic design & Web Design Service to bring success to your business as you hope. TotalDesign.lk is here for that. Contact for more information.

T-Shirt Design, Printing

In modern society all peoples are using their own T-shirt Designs as a Branding. Couple T-Shirt Design, School T-Shirts design, University T-Shirts design, Company T-Shirts designs, are popular among those T-Shirt Designing's. Contact TotalDesign.lk for T-Shirts design & T-shirt Printing service for your any occasion.

Website Making

Website making is easy. But you need a professional Website Designer for that bcoz remote customers are getting a idea about your business through your website. So you need a best Website design service for that. TotlaDesign.lk is not just a website making company. We are doing all related services to them.

Facebook Marketing

In modern society social media has taken a big place in contacting businesses and peoples. So it's easy to promote your business, through Social Media like Facebook, Instagram & etc. For that you need company with a good experiences. TotalDesign.lk here to Social Media marketing Facebook marketing.

Logo Creating

Logo creating is a first step of the business branding., Therefor logo designer should have a very creative mind to design a logo well and attractive. We have a team that have experiences more than five years in logo designing and so you can design a custom logo from our designers.

Web Design Sri Lanka

Most of website designers in Srilanka are doing just add details to a to previous used templates. That is not called website designing. We have a best team with a very creative ideas.and so we can design your website and do all graphic design for your business for a reasonable price.

Wedding Album Desining

Wedding ceremony is one of yours most memorial day in life. So every person trying to keep those memories as a printed wedding album. We can design a lovely Wedding album, Photo album or Memorial album including your photos you have and we can send it to your door step in world wide.

Graphic Designing Colombo

We are top level graphic design agency in Srilanka. Logo Designing | Banner Designing | Business card Designing | Business Profile Creating | Letterhead Designing | Flyer Designing | Social Media Marketing | Wedding Album Designing | T-shirt Designing | Certificate Designing & etc...